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Flights total 175
Pilots 22
Aircrafts 37
Routes 641

Welcome to Clickair Virtual Airlines

Clickair Virtual Airlines, or Clickair VA, is a non-profit entity, organization that it groups to users of simulators and networks of on-line flight and that they belong to a system based on the management of a virtual airline. Clickair VA was a Clickair S.A. official airline, up to his disappearance, this wants to say that it operated and operates with permission of the royal company, to use his name (of virtual form) his brand, logo, so on. Always with the brand VA (Virtual Airlines).

Clickair VA puts at the disposal of his virtual pilots a series of systems of great complexity to simulate as a whole the royal operations of the company and alternative operations, well with own systems or with systems of third parties; all this achieves a faithful realism as for the simulation of flight, management of her fleet, pilots systems, routes, and everything what concerns an airline.


Clickair was founded in 2006, as it happened with the royal company. Later, on 2014, the virtual company Vueling took charge of the management and Clickair administration. Recently, in the first quarter of 2015, Clickair VA restarts his operations under new direction.

Clickair VA beginning has supported road surfaces up to the date, but in this new gait the aims of the airline are extended to make it to come to a more wide public.

You have all the information in Clickair VA different pages: forum, Facebook page y Twitter.

Future Events

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